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Special Precautions

Required Safety Related Information

Riding Guidelines

Useful and helpful tips and tricks.

  1. Water, drinks and other refreshments are welcome. Feel free to bring you own coolers and food as you desire. We do allow refreshing adult beverages. We DO NOT require them.
  2. In all our dress categories, you are encouraged to wear masks, wear costume makeup, be bold and clever in your costume and let your inner alter ego shine.
  3. Don’t take other people’s beads! Your beads will come with your ride. More beads may be purchased at an additional cost.
  4. Treat others as you want to be treated. Throw beads for fun, not to cause harm.
  5. You are on a moving vehicle that will start and stop a lot. Hold on!
  6. DO NOT throw beads when the vehicles are stopped.

Rider Rules

Failure to comply may result in you being removed from the vehicle.