The Vehicles

Welcome to the Carnes Parade Krewe! You are here because you are a parade enthusiast.

THE DANCING KING– Capacity: 14 Riders

He’s the big brother with the monster beat to our original Dancing Queen. Hear the sound before you see this musical masterpiece arrive.  Packed with massive speakers, surrounded with bright lights and standing tall, this mega-rolling DJ vehicle is never seen without the Carnes Parade Krewe.

THE DANCING QUEEN – Capacity: 20 Riders

The Dancing Queen is a renovated school bus with a host of sister vehicles. Together, they create the Carnes Parade Krewe. This informal krewe participates in southeast Texas parades where parader enthusiasts dance to 70s music and throw beads!

The Dancing Queen has several massive speakers inside and outside along with thousands of feet of LED lights. The bright “DANCE” lights on top of it announce its arrival. In every parade it is in, it is a hit.

For many parades, the Dancing Queen is a showstopper and unequivocal crowd favorite because it is approachable, interactive and unique.

THE DQ2 (Dancing Queen 2) – Capacity: 16 Riders

The Dancing Queen 2 (DQ2) doubles the fun for the Dancing Queen. Purchased in Tennessee as horse-drawn trailer and rebuilt in Texas, it features all the same lights and speakers as its big sister, but it also folds out into a stage for bands and live entertainment.


Another vehicle in the Carnes Parade Krewe is a 1954 Ford firetruck. It was renovated for parades and blinged out with lights and sound and is oftentimes seen pulling Mr. Magoo’s Calliope trailer. This firetruck was the second one in the brigade. The first firetruck was a 1975 Ward-LaFrance firetruck purchased from the City of Galveston. The 75 firetruck served in the parade brigade for many years before a Shreveport, Louisiana parade krewe bought it. Today, the firetruck continues to serve in grand style. The firetrucks were a staple in the parades until the Dancing Queen emerged. Now the brigade is the supporting cast.

THE YAGA FLOAT – Capacity: 20 Riders

The final sister in the Carnes Parade Krewe is the Yaga’s Float. This two-decker piece of dancing delight allows riders to pitch their beads to the greatest heights with its open air top level. It belongs to Yaga’s, the immensely popular Strand restaurant that is reinventing what a Downtown parade means.


In 2011, Gary McGaughy teamed up with parade krewe to bring his addition, the Calliope Trailer. The calliope is a mini-pipe organ that uses paper rolls similar to an old-time player piano. In 2014 the Gary upgraded the calliope to a midi-system that allows it to play a wider range of tunes.  Numerous lights, flags and a large rotating umbrella also embellish the feature. It’s a crowd favorite in its own unique niche.