Riding Guidelines

Some random tips, suggestions and information to make you a happy dancing fool.

In all our dress categories, you are encouraged to wear masks, wear costume makeup, be bold and clever in your costume and let your inner alter ego shine. But keep in mind the following:

  1. Don’t take other people’s beads! Your beads will come with your ride. More beads may be purchased at an additional cost.
  2. You are on a moving vehicle that will start and stop a lot. Hold on! We have NO seats.
  3. You will not have a bathroom onboard – FYI!
  4. You CANNOT get off the vehicle once the parade starts.
  5. If you have delicate or sensitive ears, you are welcome to bring earplugs. If you believe any discomfort will result from the sound of the music, please deeply reconsider if you would be happier catching beads from the street rather than throwing them from the Carnes Parade Krewe. The music is not overtly loud on the vehicles because the speakers project out, not in.
  • The music is always loud enough for the crowds to hear as we roll down the street. You can carry a conversation on with the person next to you, but you may have to raise your voice for them to hear you.
  1. Treat others as you want to be treated. Throw beads for fun, not to cause harm.
  2. Do NOT throw beads when the vehicles are stopped.
  3. Do NOT hand off beads. Maintain distance between parade attendees and yourself.
  4. Water, drinks and other refreshments are welcome. Feel free to bring you own coolers and food as you desire. We do allow refreshing adult beverages. We do not require them.
  5. Some parades, especially the more popular ones, will have assigned spaces. Before you drop all your beads in a specific spot, ask the vehicle driver whether or not there are assigned spaces. If there are assigned spaces, please be respectful. Keep your space clean. Keep your beads in your spot and hang them appropriately